Carpentier, Come

Come CarpentierCOME CARPENTIER DE GOURDON is currently the Convener of the Editorial Board of the WORLD AFFAIRS JOURNAL, a quarterly publication dedicated to international issues, sponsored by the Kapur Surya Foundation (a co-sponsor of the "World Public Forum for Dialogue of Civilisations") New Delhi, India. He shares his time between India, France, Italy and Switzerland. He has lived and traveled in more than fifty countries on four continents. He is also a consultant to Indfos Industries Ltd, a company founded and chaired by the well known Indian philosopher, futurologist and engineer J.C. Kapur, and continues to provide consulting services to various other companies in India and Europe. In previous years he has been associated with various businesses and not-for-profit organizations. They include the Nuclear Disarmament Forum and the Foundation for Global Dialog, Zug, Switzerland (in 2001-2002), the Tissot Economic Foundation of Neuchatel, Switzerland (1991-2000), the Global Commission to Finance the United Nations (from 1994 to date), the FEGAWERK Group of Companies, Switzerland (1991-1999), the Business Council for Sustainable Development (BUSCO, Paris, France, 1994-1995), Planet India Ltd. of New Delhi, India (from 1995 to date), the Conference of World Affairs of the University of Colorado in Boulder, USA(1985 to 1988), Orbit Productions, Washington D.C., USA (1987 to 1989), the Together Foundation for Global Unity of Caracas, Venezuela and Boulder, Colorado (1990-1992) and the Swiss Academy of Technical and Engineering Sciences (SATW)(1992-1993) among others. In 1987-88, while living in the USA and working on the project for a globally broadcast environmental concert called LIVE EARTH, he drafted and promoted a blueprint for a World Environment Bank (WEB). In 1999 he co-founded with some friends in Switzerland the Telesis Academy, dedicated to the study of the ancient wisdom of East and West in the contemporary scientific context, which held several seminars at various locations in Switzerland, France and Morocco. He is the author of numerous papers including a presentation at the 2006 World Public Forum on "THE CASE FOR EXOPOLITICS: USHERING IN A COSMIC DIALOGUE" ( His website is: