Deardorff, James

James W. DeardorffDr. James Deardorff began his studies at Reed College in Portland, Oregon in 1946-47 and then switched to Stanford University, where he majored in physics earning his bachelor of science in 1950. He attended UCLA receiving a second bachelor of science in meteorology in 1951. After a 4-year stint in the Navy Dr. Deardorff went on to achieve an MS (1956) and PhD (1959) in Meteorology. After post-graduate work he took a position at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, CO, in 1962. There he migrated into the study of laboratory and numerical modeling of turbulent thermal convection, and boundary-layer turbulence and diffusion. After a few years at NCAR he became a senior scientist, enjoying a successful, 16-year research career. A list of the published research papers during this career is provided in an expanded curriculum vitae. After NCAR Dr Deardorff took a position at Oregon State University in 1978 as a research professor in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences. It was in Oregon that Dr. Deardorff became interested in extraterrestrial-related phenomenon and by the late 1970s had decided the evidence pointed conclusively towards the extraterrestrial hypothesis. By 1985 his research interests had irrevocably turned to the ETH and its implications for society, and around this time he had the first of five sightings. So in 1986 he took early retirement from OSU. Writing papers and research grant proposals and attending to associated administrative duties no longer seemed as important as exploring extraterrestrial-related phenomenon and trying to raise public awareness. He has written four peer-reviewed papers dealing with this new area of interest: "Possible extraterrestrial strategy for Earth," Quart. J. Royal Astron. Soc., 27, pp. 94-101 (1986); "Examination of the embargo hypothesis as an explanation for the Great Silence". J. British Interplanetary Soc.,40, pp. 373-379 (1987); "Extraterrestrial communications". J. Communication, 37, pp. 181-184 (1987). And in 2005 came his fourth peer reviewed paper co-authored with Dr Hal Puthoff, Dr Bernard Haisch and Dr Bruce Maccabee: "Inflation-Theory Implications for Extraterrestrial Visitation". J. British Interplanetary Soc., 58, pp. 43-50, (2005).
Dr. Deardorff expanded his research to include biblical and reincarnation studies. These led to the publishing of Celestial Teachings: The Emergence of the True Testament of Jmmanuel (Jesus) (1990); The Problems of New Testament Gospel Origins (1992) and Jesus in India (2002). His principal website is: