Yurdozu, Farah

Farah YurdozuFarah Yurdozu is Turkey's first female UFO researcher and writer and known on several continents as an authority on the paranormal, UFO's and the metaphysical. More than twenty years she has been working as a professional writer and investigator in the fields of UFO investigations and paranormal subjects. She speaks fluent Turkish, English and Spanish with a degree from the Spanish Language and Literature Division of Istanbul University. Born in Istanbul, as a teenager Farah became hypnotic trance medium at that city's Center for Metaphysical Study, one of the world's first institutions dedicated to paranormal research. This led to her writing four best-selling books in her native country on UFO's and the paranormal, and hosting her own TV show which is still broadcast in the Turkish speaking world. In 2002 she moved to the New York City area where she continues her work as a UFO researcher, writer and lecturer. She was recently a featured participant in TLC's paranormal investigation TV series DEAD TENANTS as an investigator psychic-medium. She is a columnist for the leading monthly publication UFO Magazine. As a journalist and as a producer at Jerry Pippin Internet Radio she has interviewed such important personalities as Russell Targ, Whitley Streiber, Alfred L.Webre, Stanton Freidman, Budd Hopkins and more. Though her work reflects a passion for all aspects of the paranormal, her main interest is abductions and close encounters. Farah Yurdozu is a speaker at 10th Annual UFO Symposium March 23-24-25, 2007. Her first book (UFOS ARE ARRIVING) is a general documentary investigation about the history of UFO-Alien contact in her country and all over the world. In her other book titled (UFO TRUTHS & LIES) she analyzed the nature of Alien Abductions and historical cases from a realistic and updated view. She is the writer of two novels (METAPHYSICAL LOVE IN MADRID) which is a reincarnation story and (LIFE IS A HORROR FILM) is a vampire story. In 1992 she hosted her own TV show "GELDILER" on Kanal D, one of Turkey's major television stations. She also appeared as a guest on many other TV and radio shows and debates related to the UFO subject in Turkey and Spain. She was also a constant speaker on UFOs and paranormal cases in her native country Turkey. Her writings and interviews have appeared in leading national Turkish magazines and daily newspapers such as "Fenomen", "Ruh ve Madde","Tempo","Nokta", "Kad?n", "Bugün", "Cumhuriyet", "Aktüel", "Sabah", "Milliyet". Farah was a speaker at NUFOC, National UFO Conference in 2005. She participated to Kevin Smith show and Jeff Wiles radio shows in 2006.
Her principal website is: http://www.farahyurdozu.com.

Farah Yurdozu is a member of the Advisory Board of the Exopolitics Institute.