Conkle, Jayna

Jayna Conkle
Jayna Conkle

Jayna Conkle had her first conscious, fully-recalled experience in 1986 when she was 16 and came face to face with a Grey alien in her bedroom. Several months later, she saw both Whitley Strieber’s Communion and Budd Hopkin’s Intruders for the first time in a book store. The discovery that such things could be physically real caused profound existential panic, to say the least!

When Jayna was 19 she had another experience. On a bright, sunny day she saw a Grey in the forest near the camp where she was a Girl Scout counselor. “There were girls nearby laughing and talking, and I was walking along,” Jayna says, "when I saw an alien simply standing in some brush. He ran off when he saw me."

She wrote to Budd Hopkins in 1988 and worked with him briefly in the early 1990s. Through Budd and another abductee, Linda “Cortile,” Jayna met her husband and they have been together for 17 years.

Over the years, Jayna says she developed contacts in the abductee community in New York and Ohio and met many people caught up in circumstances similar to her own, including her husband. Jayna continues to explore the issues surrounding anyone who may undergo such bizarre intrusions. She leads an otherwise rather calm and conventional life in the Pacific Northwest.

Source: JAR Magazine