Francisco Mourao Correa

Francisco Mourão Corrêa
F. Mourão Corrêa

Francisco Mourão Corrêa (Portugal, born 1973) completed a five year course in Management in Porto University and is a post-graduate in Marketing. During four of his five years of university study, he dedicated his time to the students association, and was student President during the last two years. He has also completed a 4 year course in Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Portuguese Institute of Naturology.
Francisco has been interested in the UFO phenomenon since childhood, and followed the Disclosure Project/Orion Project initiatives and has also closely followed the work of Mel Fabregas from the Veritas Show, and Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan from Project Camelot.

Along with eight colleagues, Francisco in 2010 created the Exopolitics Portugual group which has personnel in the cities of Porto (western coast), Viana do Castelo (north Portugal), Coimbra (center), Castelo Branco (west center) and Lisbon. Exopolitics Portugal has good contacts with journalists, some airforce pilots, some ex-members of government who have had sightings, and many interesting Portuguese and Brazilian researchers.
Exopolitics Portugal has an active agenda, promoting awareness and lobbying. Exopolitics Portugal has a close relation with all other exopolitics affiliates around the world, and to contribute to global awareness and full disclosure about the UFO reality and the ET presence.

Francisco is a member of the Advisory Board of the Exopolitics Institute, and a member of the Exopolitics World Network.

Francisco is one of the founding members of Glexo, the Global Exopolitics Organization.