Great Library Chamber

"An etheric vault of records located in the Great Central Sun containing all information known by the Ancient of Ancients. Access to these records requires approval by one's Higher Self. Using the library chamber requires that the individual has earned a certain vibrational level to assure that he or she has mastered self-discipline. This stipulation is set to help assure that the individual will use the information with wisdom, once it has been revealed." (SJA).

Several sources mention the Great Library Chamber or the Hall of Records that would contain all of the Atlantean Knowledge. According to Edgar Cayce's readings, three copies of the Hall of Records were created, in order not to lose the Antlantean Knowledge. One of them would be in the Great Pyramid of Gizeh, or at the feet of the Sphynx. Another one in a Mayan Temple in Yucatan. (? The third one would have been destroyed.)