Koshnak allegedly is the name of a planet, 1 200 light years away, in the direction of Orion, which is inhabited by a species that resembles Greys. They are said to have underwater bases here on Earth. They are mentioned in the Puerto Rican contact case of Rev. David Delmundo, pseudonym for David Melindez. The case was investigated by Wendelle Stevens and others.

Astronomical data

The exact location of the planet is not mentioned. The only available information is that it is 1 200 light years away, in the direction of Orion.

Physical appearance

The inhabitants look like standard Greys, but with two distinctive features: 1. they seem to be slightly taller, approx. 5'3" (=1.57m), and 2. they have bright green eyes.

From www.galactic.no/rune/underseaufo6a.html:

"He had thin lips and a small nose and looked very stern. Delmundo could see no teethwhen he opened his mouth which was seldom.
The stranger had wide wrap-around eyes of an elongated oval shape that slanted up on the outer sides. He wore a sort of wrap around turban-like headdress that had a 10 or 12 pointed star set into the front of it. The turban was thin and light weight and of a dark color. The eyes were the most striking thing about the figure. They were a pale bright green, almost the color of new grass or a new leaf shoot and the whole eye was the same color throughout, having no 'white' as we are accustomed to. The eyes also had no pupil like ours. At times he thought he detected a ladder of slits in the green color of the eye but he couldn't see them all the time. The green elongated orb of the eye had an uncountable number of flecks of what looked like sliver points of light that appeared and disappeared in the green of the eye that seemed to make them scintillate and gave them radiant light. At times the eyes seemed to flash and the gaze was very intense. The skin was pale gray.
(...)The alien being's nose was a small fleshy nub with no bridge structure. It had two nostrils like ours but they turned into the head in a different way. The ears were also small and not much more than a firm ridge but they didn't have any openings. The ear structure seemed to consist externally of a pair of membrane covered pits in the head. There was no jaw development and very little brow or cheekbone giving the head an almost melon-like appearance. The face muscles were also underdeveloped and the face had little mobility, giving the head a stern expressionless appearance. When asked about this later the being said that they had essentially overcome their emotional natures and there was little of that nature to be expressed in the face. The eyes were the center of attention in the face and they seemed to be very alive. They seem to flash and the image is very intense."

Case information

The case involves the Rev. David Melindez, from Puerto Rico, who was takento a base at the bottom of the sea, by beings claiming to come from a Planet Koshnak. Melindez had a distant encounter in 1971 when there was a UFO flap in Puerto Rico. Then, from 1972 onwards, he started having multiple encounters. At the time when Wendelle Stevens investigated the case, the encounters were still ongoing.

From www.starseeds.net/group/philosophycorner/forum/topics/ets-and-their-philosophies:

"A Southern Baptist minister in Puerto Rico claimed to have had many contacts with humanoid beings from the planet Koshnak in the direction of the constellation of Orion. These beings were very similar in appearance to the familiar 'Gray' entities. They had melon-shaped, expressionless faces with thin lips, undeveloped noses and ears, and large wrap-around eyes without pupils. The eyes were were green with scintillating flashes, and they were said to be intense and arresting. However, unlike the typical encounters with "Grays," this was a classical contactee case. The beings treated the man in a very friendly way. One of them, who was named Ohneshto, took him on rides in one of their vehicles, showed him undersea bases on the earth, and telepathically presented him with long philosophical discourses about time, space, and the reasons for human existence. This included references to higher dimensions:
He said they travel in the seventh and eighth dimensions, unknown to Earth humans, and that they are aware of 13 dimensions of being. Ohneshto pointed out references in our Bible pertaining to UFOs. He said that their normal span of life is about 800 to 1,000 of our years. ... Ohneshto said that the axis of the Earth has changed four times as far as they have checked this out, that it tilts about every 20 to 25 centuries."
I am including the remark about shifts in the earth's axis since this is a topic that frequently comes up in UFO communications. It is also interesting that Ohneshto told the minister that beings from the Pleiades are visiting the earth."

Note that many articles on this case refer to the pseudonym 'David Delmundo' (meaning 'David from Earth') rather than the contactee's real name of David Melindez.

Because the case has multiple witnesses and was investigated by several people, it is generally considered a highly reliable case.