In astronomy, Lyra is the name of a northern constellation, situated between Cygnus and Hercules. Vega is its alpha star.

"The constellation of Lyra has long been recognized in Earth's mythology. Some have even connected it with the Pleiades (for example, Ovid, who mentioned that the seven strings of Lyra equaled the number of the Pleiades). This can be considered the birthplace or womb of the humanoid race within Earth's area of the Milky Way. All subspecies such as Sirians, Orions, Earth/Terrans, Pleiadians, Vegans, Zeta Reticuli, Centaurians, Altairians (and many lesser-known groups) are descendants of the Lyran races." (Lyssa Royal & Keith Priest, The Prism of Lyra)

Lyra has played an important part in the History of Earth and Mankind, as did the Sirians and Pleiadians. (Together, they are often referred to as the 'Lyran Group'). When it comes to what man (homo sapiens) physically looks like, the Lyrans (and the Pleiadians -but they are Lyran descendants) are the main influence, especially for the Caucasian race.

The Humanoid Lyran Races:

a) Lyran Caucasians:
the original Lyran: light skin, light hair, light eyes; 5 to 6 feet; mesomorphic body.
b) Lyran Giants:
light skin, light hair, light eyes; 6 to 9 feet; mesomorphic body.
c) Lyran Redheads:
light skin, red hair, ectomorphic (thin) to mesomorphic body,
- either giant: 6 to 9,
- or average.
d) Darker skinned Lyrans:
Same as Caucasians, but with skin that is light brown, and hair is dark brown.
e) Birdlike Lyrans.
f ) Catlike Lyrans.

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