Daryl Anka channels Bashar, who is a member of the Essassani or Sassani. (The inital spelling was Essassani, but later it was changed to Sassani).

They are a collective or group consciousness that exist "on a different frequency of reality which is coincident with a parallel reality 700 years in the future, and that they are physiologically a hybrid race which is a genetic combination of the human and the Orion Grays, otherwise called the Dow."

They are said to have "Eurasian" looks, "but with enlarged eyes. They are about five feet tall with whitish grey skin. The females have white hair, and the males have no hair." (Dr. Joshua David Stone)

The Essassani would reside in the Orion Constellation and are a higher vibrational, non-physical race.

(see also: Orion Light, which describes another collective consciousness in the Orion System, which is related to the Elohim & RA consciousness).

Note that all the information on the Essassani is channeled.

Source of information: Dr. Joshua David Stone, Hidden Mysteries, as well as