Secret Space Program Alliance

Self-proclaimed whistle-blower Corey Goode often talks about a Secret Space Program Alliance. Goode claims there are at least 11 breakaway civilizations on Earth, 10 of which are subterranean. The other one consists of members of the Elite as well as of members of the Military Industrial Complex. All of these breakaway civilizations would have their own secret space fleet. Over time, members of these groups would have created different alliances among each other. Goode refers to the main such alliance as the Secret Space Program Alliance, which would have fallen apart in recent years.

Goode seems to contradict himself, though, when it comes to what groups are part of the Secret Space Program Alliance, or were so, and at what time. (Sometimes, the MIEC is included, e.g., and other times it is not). The fact that these memberships change over time, adds to the confusion.