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Derrel Sims
Derrel Sims

From JAR Magazine: Texas native Derrel Sims has been a UFO investigator for some decades. He is head of Saber Enterprises, an abduction research organization in Texas. (See Derrel is a licensed private investigator, a Registered Hypnotic Anesthesia Therapist, and a Certified Medical Hypnotherapist. From 1968-71 Derrel served in the U.S. Army as a senior military police officer for one year in Korea, and for two years managing security for a secret CIA US covert ops training base.
He is responsible for the discovery (c. 1992) of fluorescent skin stains, detectable via black light, as an aftermath of alien encounters. Since 1995 Derrel has been involved with the surgical removal of 24 tissue-embedded objects, of which six remain unexplained. In 2006 he published the book Alien Hunter: The Evidence in Light, available for $25 (amount includes postage) from D. Sims, Box 60944, Houston, TX 77205.

From his (auto-) bio on The Alien Hunter name is not one designed by Sims, but was originated by a writer reviewing his work. The hunter knows his quarry can be tracked if it has habits. The "alien" has habits and is being tracked. The name seemed appropriate, was adopted, and later the term was copyrighted and trademarked.
Derrel has pursued this subject with a passion since his first "alien encounter" occurred and was consciously remembered at the age of four when "someone" from perhaps another dimension, took interest in this young boy. Those first memories are not pleasant ones and Derrel now hunts the entities who once hunted him, his son, and now perhaps someone you know or love.
Who knows better how to do this hunt than the prey of these experiences?
He believes that life must be lived to more than existence and that within each of us are experiences waiting as a part of our own inner guidance to be used to complete the purpose they came for; to be more fully who we are.
Derrel has extensive training and experience in Investigative Approaches as well as Therapeutic Interventions. This allows him to select the right approach for the individual. He applies this knowledge with a well- developed sense of humor; a compassionate approach and the intuition needed to be a good therapist.
Derrel Sims is a Registered Hypnotic Anesthesiologist, Certified Master Hypnotherapist, Certified Master Neurolinguistic Practitioner, International Speaker, Licensed Private Investigator and Researcher of Alleged Human/Alien Encounters. His discoveries of the alleged alien implantation (Circa 1960) and Fluorescence(Circa 1992) found on abductees due to contact by the alien entities are but two finds that his Medical/Scientific Dream Team explores. His presentations have been tothe Medical and Scientific conferences to show compelling approaches to about alleged human/alien contact events.