Sirius Disclosure Project

The Sirius Disclosure Project is a spin-off, and successor, of Greer's original Disclosure project, and was launched more or less concurrently with the 2013 Sirius documentary.

On the Sirius Disclosure website, the project was described as follows:

"A call on US Congress for hearings & legislation

The recorded testimony of scores of military, government and other witnesses to Unidentified Flying Objects and Extraterrestrial events and projects from around the world establishes the existence of a UFO/Extraterrestrial presence on and around Earth. This recorded testimony consists of dozens of first-hand, often top-secret witnesses to UFO and Extraterrestrial events, internal UFO-related government projects and covert activities, space-based weapons programs, Extraterrestrial Intelligence, and covert, reverse-engineered energy and propulsion system projects. The technologies that are of an Extraterrestrial origin, when publicly released within a planned transition period, will provide solutions to global environmental and security challenges.

These numerous recorded witnesses constitute only a small portion of a vast pool of identified present or former military, intelligence, corporate, aviator, flight control, law enforcement officers, scientists and other witnesses, who will come forward when subpoenaed to testify at Congressional hearings. Without a grant of immunity releasing them from their security oaths, many such unimpeachable witnesses fear to speak out.

The legislation will ban space-based weapons and will help to transform the terrestrial war industry into a world cooperative military (without space weapons), civil, and commercial space industry This will provide unprecedented benefits and opportunities to all on Earth and in space."

The Sirius Disclosure Project now incorporates Greer's previous projects like the Orion Project and the Disclosure Project, which no longer exist as separate projects. As of 2018, the Orion Project seems to have been succeeded by a "New Energy Research" project. (