Thiaoouba allegedly is the name of a planet that Australian contactee Michel Desmarquet claims to have been taken to, with his consent, for 9 days in 1987.


The exact location of Thiaooba is not given in the book. Based upon a description of what the night sky looked like and where Earth was located, some have speculated that it may be located in the Pleiades. But that is speculation only.


The inhabitants of Thiaooba are human in appearance, but are about 8ft / 2.4 meter tall.
Desmarquet claims they are hermaphrodites, and have both male and female features!

Case Information

Michel Desmarquet, who lives in Perth, Australia, claims to have been in contact with inhabitants of this planet since 1987. He allegedly spent 9 days on their planet. He was 58 at the time.

His main contact was Thao, a Caucasian looking, blond woman, who was about 8ft tall.

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